Kyrgyzindustries Partners With AVC Global

For Immediate Release 27 June 2022
To modernize the Kyrgyz Republic’s customs clearance system

Kyrgyzindustries an open joint stock company which was created/authorized to represent the State’s interest allowing it to quickly and independently carry out measures to attract investment, interact with international corporations, and create joint ventures. Also empowered to address issues arising with modern business conditions, including increasing the efficiency of operational management, increasing the investment attractiveness of the business, reducing production costs, risk management, etc.

Kyrgyz SmartHub a joint stock company formed between Kyrgyzindustries and AVC Global Inc will
modernize Kyrgyzstan customs clearance system, which will directly increase the collection of VAT and
duties, as well as ensure economic growth by increasing efficiency and creating new jobs. This will bring
total transparency to the importing and exporting of products in the Republic of Kyrgyz. Using blockchain
technology it will ensure that no counterfeit goods and products transit the country and that all proper
VAT Taxes are collected and the customs clearance process is more efficient and seamless.

President of Kyrgyzindustries, Zharasul Abduraimov, stated the following, “We are very excited to be in
partnership with AVC. Kyrgyz SmartHub will use the AVC Global Inc system which will be our National
GS1 track and trace platform and with their blockchain enabled platform the Kyrgyz consumers and our
export partners will have a safe and secure supply chain for their products”.

Cofounder and Chairman of AVC, Leo Giacometto, said, “The AVC Technology Platform with Blockchain
will revolutionize the delivery and integrity of supply chains in the region. We are excited and proud to
be collaborating to deploy Kyrgyz SmartHub in partnership with the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic
and Kyrgyzindustries. We thank Kyrgyz Republic, President Japarov, and Kyrgyzindustry President,
Abduraimov, for this opportunity.”

AVC platform incorporates Hedera Hashgraph, Hyperledger Fabric, rfxcel and Amazon AWS into the
offering and bring the world’s leading technology companies to the Republic. This platform also provides
access to supply chain financing which will not only help businesses here in the Kyrgyz Republic but also
the foreign customers that want to buy products from Kyrgyzstan. This deployment is the entry point in
the Eurasian Customs Union and the Republic of Kyrgyz is leading the way to Digital Transformation.

For Media Enquiries:

AVC/MVC: Vice President of Eurasian Operations, Tim Williams. TimW@AVC.Global