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The SmartHub fully delivers on all elements of the AVC Global technology stack: Serialized Track & Trace, IoT sensors, “SmartPass” smart contracts for compliance and fast-tracked government clearances, Fintech for supply chain finance and cross-border payments, all on an immutable HyperLedger blockchain with auditable Consensus and Governance powered by Hedera Hashgraph.

SmartHub is a key component of the platform ecosystem; it is the hub of ingress and egress into the AVC/MVC network and  is the foundation for establishing  cryptographically verifiable and auditable “ground truth.” A Certified SmartHub possesses the assets to ensure that materials and commodities being moved through the supply chain meet the requirements of several stakeholders; Government officials in Customs, Tax, Compliance, as well as Buyers, sellers, and shippers in terms of supply chain risks.

SmartHub allows governments and industry leaders to provide more transparency and consumer safety for vertical industries like Pharmaceutics, Food, and Energy, by tracking all imports/exports and maintaining a digital record of each transaction with proper documentation and certificates,  signature(s), and fees. Facilities certified as “SmartHub” have achieved our rating by applying our governance model to their operations and passing a rigorous independent evaluation by accredited evaluators.

SmartHub is a digital platform that mimics the real-world physical processes and offers a host of digital services.

A few of the important components of SmartHub are as follows:

  • Authentication
  • Smart workflow
  • Blockchain
  • Data Analytics
  • Secure storage
  • Smart contract
  • IoT data import/storage/export
  • Automatic electronic data exchange
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What SmartHub does, in a nutshell:

  • Ensures single source of truth for all partners
  • Ensures that only authorized entities can view/create/update documents/transactions
  • Ensures that nothing gets changed/created without the knowledge of others (Distributed Ledger Technology)
  • Executes a contract based on predefined rules
  • The next-generation logistics digital system for Port Authorities for import and export shipments and warehouse operations
  • Interconnects multiple supply chain participants to improve port efficiencies through data analytics and automation
  • SmartHub is the trusted digital view and automation of the port operations through Blockchain technology
  • Provides the security and infrastructure for the SmartPass – the digital express for Customs clearances
  • Provides the security and infrastructure for the Smart Warehouse – the efficient logistics for local, temporary storage for in-transit consignments in-transit
  • Performs automatic time-based analytics for port operations and workflow efficiencies
  • Improves transport time duration through the port
  • Automatically notifies participants and operators for shipping events to continuous improvements for efficiencies.
  • Automatically forecasts potential transport problems and notifies participants with recommended actions.
  • Automatically formulates recommended course of actions to participants based on analytics of historical operations data
  • Works with your existing systems and enables you to focus on what matters most to your success and then empowers you to achieve it
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Your Key to the Value Chain


SmartPass’ are Blockchain-based smart-contracts that leverage the full AVC technology stack (SmartHub) and enable your specific transactions to move through the process and systems with authority and speed. SmartPass empowers you with a host of transformative benefits, all the way from deal origination, transportation, customs clearance, and payments and supply chain finance.

SmartPass is a key core component of the AVC/MVC platform; it’s the ecosystem of SmartPass-enabled technologies and processes that enable our supply chain networks to maintain trusted “ground truth” as the material moves through and AVC/MVC powered supply chain. b

SmartPass is an immutable, trusted digital document and event store that persists for the full lifetime of the transaction and beyond, from the manufacturer to the consumer or patient in the case of MVC. SmartPass collects proof of events and documentation in an immutable notary designed with a privacy-first approach and a tamper-proof record.
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SmartPass is and enables:

  • An electronic secured, digital vault that contains the start-to-finish shipping documents required by Customs, Clearing Agents, 3PLs
  • Track-and-trace or for supply chain finance and banks
  • Electronic system of records for Shipping Documents trusted and used by The Digital Express mechanism for clearing Customs
  • Ensures trust for authenticity backed by Blockchain Technology for document, document receipt, operator input, and related time-based events
  • Eases the shipping document management tasks for Customs, Clearing Agents, 3PLs
  • SmartPass improves the workflow for clearing agents and 3PL operators
  • Auto-tracking capability informs and prioritizes missing document
  • Contains and automatically enforces and informs for the required shipping documents to fulfill Custom’s needs
  • SmartPass increases the speed through customs and inspections
  • SmartPass ensures trust and provides authenticity checks through Blockchain Technology
  • SmartPass is an Analytics Platform for measuring and improving performance
  • SmartPass anticipates and notifies for schedule time based on its current state
  • Smart Pass increases reliability for documents, document receipt, operator input, and related time-based events
  • SmartPass can trigger and notify clearing agents and 3PL operators when it is completed and ready for customs
  • SmartPass can inform of the consignment location, notify for missing documents, provide estimated duration through the port, and estimated
  • SmartPass can tell you: this is your SmartPass telling you that you are missing the Country of ORIGIN documentation
  • Smart is because it knows itself what is missing. We can do that by scheduling the SmartPass checker to inform about missing docs, or its estimate, and so on.
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Our Value Chain “Supply Chain” Finance module or VCF is the gateway between the AVC/MVC platform ecosystem and the global financial system. The VCF enables documentation, contracts, and data traditionally used in supply chain transactions to act as a cryptographic “SmartContract,” allowing liquidity to flow based on “ground truth” maintained by the platform.

AVC has partnered with one of the world’s leading fintech companies, Kyriba Corporation, to fully integrate its pioneering Active Liquidity Network connected internal applications for treasury, risk management, working capital, and payments with vital external sources such as banks, ERP systems, as well as trading platforms. The Value Chain Finance module empowers supply chains to transform how they activate financial liquidity as a dynamic, real-time vehicle for growth and value creation while also protecting against financial risk.

The fully integrated supply chain financing capabilities, combined with all other aspects of the AVC technology stack, such as real-time track and trace, IoT, artificial intelligence, smart contracts, all fully embedded on a blockchain, altogether provides unprecedented capabilities to dramatically improve supply chain liquidity and rapid, secure, trustworthy execution of contracts across supply chains, on a global scale.

VCF implements secured digital payment methods and follows industry-specific payment best practices by implementing reverse-factoring and dynamic-discounting. 

At a time when the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic decimates global supply chains, this next generation of Supply Chain Finance will help ensure the speedy and efficient distribution of much-needed financial liquidity across the supply chains while drastically reducing the time required for paperwork, administration, and bureaucracy.

The ability to reduce payment times from 30-60-90+ days months to a single day across supply chains for the most critical items, such as pharmaceuticals and food products, is a game-changer.

VCF Module is fully integrated into SmartHub, and SmartPass does and enables:

  • Implements secured digital payment methods and follows industry-specific payment best practices by implementing the following
  • Reverse-factoring
  • Dynamic-discounting
  • Increases the rate of payments to suppliers
  • Puts the Buyer in control of financing with their suppliers and shippers
  • Enables Buyers to incentivizes suppliers and shippers to meet Buyer delivery expectations
  • Enables Governments to pay suppliers and service providers rapidly
  • Facilitates modeling and executing finance campaigns, Incentives, and relationship opportunities
  • Improves the profit margins and grows revenue for all logistics participants
  • Operates in multiple fiat currencies, including digital currencies.

The platform’s network dynamics speed the development of sustainable value chain infrastructures and ecosystems. SmartHub and SmartPass are designed for a new generation of regenerative and transparent cross-border supply, logistics, and distribution systems that serve people, communities, and markets better.

Strategic Partners, rfxcel, Kyriba, Hedera Hashgraph, and Cox Logistics Group have joined AVC and its subsidiary MVC and are all working together to advance and deploy an AVC Platform network with SmartHub with SmartPass Node Operations cross key global trade corridors.


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