Forbes article takes wraps off of strategic partnership between Riyada Group and AVC Global

AVC Global and MVC in the News

Forbes article takes wraps off of strategic partnership between Riyada Group and AVC Global

by David Todd | Dec 1, 2018 | News

Thanks to this recent article published in Forbes about AVC Global, the wraps are off! AVC Global will be joining together in a strategic partnership with the Riyada Group to pioneer a new agricultural supply chain platform that will serve Africa and the GCC, with an ultimate goal to server the entire Globe.

Forbes Magazine Article

Forbes Dec 1, 2018 | By Mfonobong Nsehe

Riyada and AVC are working together with a goal to deploy a network of Smart Hubs and Node Operations instrumented with ‘SmartPass’ across the entire GCC. Riyada Group’s EVP, Sergey Tsvetkov shared their enthusiasm for the project, saying,

“When the founder of the Riyada Group, HRH Shaikha Dheya bint Ebrahim Al Khalifa and I looked at the facts and AVC’s approach, we saw an opportunity to collaborate with AVC on something truly profound, which will supply agricultural products from Africa and Asia to the Middle East.  We see Bahrain and Riyada Group as well-positioned to be the key founding partner in this supply chain project.

This project has been in intense R&D for over a year and is just now coming out of stealth mode. We are developing and deploying a cohesive end-to-end agricultural supply chain and distribution network, integrated with an innovative supply chain financing and infrastructure development fund.  The technology platform will develop and incorporate a distributed ledger, distributed applications, Internet of things, artificial intelligence, and smart contracts”.

As I pointed out in Forbes piece, “By working with Riyada, this project has immediate traction and scalability…”

We’re committed to socially responsible agriculture, and African agriculture producers working with smallholder producer groups are an ideal fit for the sustainability and growth model we have envisioned. The transparency and trust enabled by our distributed ledger technologies are what will underpin our social impact supply chain operations and financing models.